Celebrating African Leaders in Aviation ~ Lukhanyo JokoPrivate Pilot

I’ve been interested in aviation since I was young but only really wanted to be a pilot in 2019 when I was going through career counseling. Still, unfortunately, I didn’t have any family or friends in aviation to introduce and get me into the industry, so I only really got into aviation once I joined my flight school.

I found training to be extremely fun and exciting. Every single lesson was a joy. Yes some parts of it are difficult but a flight is easier when you mentally prepare for it in advance.

I’m fortunate enough to have met people that went to my high school and matriculated and joined the same flight school that I went to. Although I am still in school and they’ve since matriculated, they are always keen on giving advice that is still applicable to me. It also helped that I had a great instructor anyway.

In terms of family support, my family was very supportive and encouraging and I’m very much blessed and grateful to have a supportive family and for them to work hard just for me to achieve this dream. Sadly none of them are in aviation so they couldn’t really give any aviation related advice.

When I’m not flying I’m usually, studying or doing homework. As I said I’m still in school so where I slowed down in school work to pickup aviation, I try catchup the school work when I’m not flying.

My advice for anyone training or wanting to join the industry is you need to always keep your reason for why you want to become a pilot. When times get difficult think back to that reason and maybe save a picture or video that really inspires you or gives you that “I can’t wait to do that” feeling. This way you’ll maintain your motivation and if you have the motivation to do it then you can do it.

I’m thinking of also focusing on getting my learners license and drivers license now.


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