Mentorship Program

In line with our aim, “To establish an organization that will serve and support the African aviation industry and careers in STEM by empowering women and raising honourable leaders” in November 2021, ALA started its 1st online Career Guidance & Mentorship Sessions.

The program is designed for learners between the ages of 12 and 18. Once a month they meet up with a facilitator, online, who is a field expert and go through different aviation fields. Careers discussed in depth include: Air Traffic Control, Cabin Crew, Airline Pilots & other Pilot Career options, Airport Careers, Drone Aviation, Flight Safety & Aircraft Mechanics.


Mentorship for me has become a blessing reason behind that is not many learners or kids get an opportunity to learn more about aviation.

It’s been good and I learnt more about types of pilot’s that are there beside only being an airline pilot and there’s more into Aviation.

Us having meetings each and every month shows that as people who are in love with the airspace industry we have no criticism against each other, also show’s that we are one family in aviation, it’s just its own universe.

Vionna Khoza (ALA Mentee) 2022

Pilot Inathi (ALA Mentee) 2022

Peter Kimani (ALA Mentee) 2022

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The program is free of charge and open to all African citizens between the ages of 12 and 18 with a passion for Aviation & STEM.