STEM – Science Technology

ALA, together with professionals in diverse STEM sectors, want to turn the statistics of African’s involvement in Aviation & STEM-related innovations and work. Our programs practically address the issues our communities have, be it through access to information or quality education, and ensuring that the youth is not left behind in the modern competitive era. African youth cannot miss out on providing the solution or work opportunities simply because aviation is a world that is foreign to them.

Rumbidzai Jane Chitumwa is a Zimbabwean who resides in Australia. She is a Reliability Engineer and aviation enthusiast who holds both a Drone and Fixed-Wing Pilot Licence.

According to Breaking Barriers for Women in Aviation: “Roughly 5% of airline pilots are women, and only 3.6% of airline captains are women. By comparison, women represent 47% of the total17 U.S. workforce and 26% of people working in STEM fields globally” In the Pan African Conference on Education, Firmin Matoko said: “We need to help Africa tap into scientific inventions and discoveries that are happening around the world, and step up investments in scientific research to enable Africans to be producers of knowledge rather than consumers by embracing the advancement in technology and equipping the youth with relevant knowledge and skills the 21st century demands.” That is exactly where ALA comes in.