About Us

ALA’s mission and goal is to establish an organization that will serve and support the African aviation industry and careers in STEM by empowering women and raising honorable leaders. We want to promote Aviation & STEM by:

• Promoting and bringing awareness about the aviation industry in African communities.
• Encouraging African youth, especially women, to explore different studies and careers in the aviation

• Providing educational resources and information of the different fields in aviation.
• Sourcing, raising and channelling funds strategically to increase and support Africans in pursuit of a profession in the Aviation industry

• Leading by example – influencing African youth, especially women, to become great aviation leaders.
• Increasing the statistics of Africans, particularly women pilots, in the industry
• Monitoring and conducting research on the local and global aviation environment
• Disseminating and sharing information on latest technological and legal developments through NPO magazine, conferences, air shows and roadshows, as part of contributing to community building

• Recognizing and celebrating African women in the aviation industry.
• Addressing the stigma of entering the field and achieving in it as being difficult