Our Story

Founded by Khodani Davhana and Nyasha Manyika, both pilots, driven, passionate, and desire to be the change they want to see in the Aviation field on the African continent. Having joined the male-dominated aviation field as first-generation pilots at a young age with no role models, they went through hardships and challenges to be where they are today. They decided to use these experiences and pave the way for future generations so they would not have to meander as they had. Above all, they also wanted to share their love for aviation with others who may have never gotten to hear about this fantastic field.

In 2017, it all started as an idea to raise awareness about aviation in their communities and be the resource that linked these communities with the field. However, there was a much greater calling for a
formal and registered organization as ALA grew, understanding how it needed to contribute more to Aviation, STEM, and leadership programs. Today, it has become an organization with a pool of volunteers who are aviation professionals, who use their own experiences to teach, mentor, and help bring out the many possibilities to birth new dreams and give African youth new lenses and remove limitations.

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