ALA Impact

Changing The Narrative One African Youth At A Time

Bukhosibezulu Moyo ~ 16

Intro Flight Essay Competition Winner

Thank you very much to the African Leaders in Aviation team for this amazing opportunity. Having to fly one of the planes was an incredible and inspiring experience which has made me develop lot more love for the aviation industry.

It’s been really good to learn about aviation, and the opportunities that come with from you guys, and I’m hoping to meeting with you and to have more of these memorable experiences.

Joy Nchabeleng ~ 19

Intro Flight Essay Competition Winner

Can’t believe a simple competition changed my life forever, I am beyond speechless because what happened there was simply magical…thank you so much to you and everyone who took part in making the intro flight a success, I am forever changed and as I go back to home I will go back as a changed person…thank you so much for making my dream a reality and I know that this will push me & motivate me on another level to work harder…I am beyond grateful and I pray that God blesses you for me because I can’t even begin to comprehend how thankful I am…thank you so much ♥️🛫👩🏽‍✈️I am forever grateful 🌍

Vionna Khoza ~ 18

ALA Mentee ~ Intro Flight

African Leaders in Aviation & Sun Quest Aviation we thank u for empowering us.

Melissah – 18

Girls in Aviation Day Attendee

So the session was really awesome, I was really aspired by the great women who have the same ambitions and aspirations as me. So I feel motivated to work towards my goals and I have this feeling that I’m gonna make it.

Nyasha – 17

Girls in Aviation Day Attendee

The session was really inspirational. I thought careers in aviation were limited to aircraft engineering and piloting, but I was proved wrong. I got to know of Air Traffic Control and how Software engineering also plays a role in aviation. The best part for me would be when those amazing ladies told their great stories of how they might have just found themselves in aviation and were really loving their careers. It was quite inspiring considering that I am currently in a serious state of confusion concerning careers. I was particularly amazed by the amount of passion in the whole session. There was this young lady who was already a junior pilot at 19. Most of them mentioned how they had fell in love with aviation at a young age. I feel that the session also inspired me to stop being ignorant and broaden my knowledge of the many careers in various fields.

Tatenda M – 17

Girls in Aviation Day Attendee

I just attended the meeting today and it all went well

It was incredible!

It was so inspiring!

After this session today i feel like as a girl i can be whoever i want to be nomatter the odds . It just changed my way of thinking 

I’m motivated!

And along with that i also learnt a lot of stuff which I think will help me in achieving my goals.

Boshof Combined School

Girls in Aviation Day Attendees

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed the informative meeting. They were so inspired and filled with a sense of determination afterwards.
Thank you for what you do.

We love what we do and we do it with passion.