Celebrating African Women in Aviation ~ Nomagugu L.B Lunga

I joined the aviation industry as an apprentice for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Zimbabwe Aviation Training Centre, at Air Zimbabwe. My training commenced on the 1st of September 2014 and I finished on the 31st of December 2018.

My training was bittersweet.
The sweet part was the fact that it was an apprenticeship program, hence every expense was well catered for…fees, training resources and transport allowance. So never a day did I worry about where to get money for anything during my training. God!!

As for the bitter part! Engineering is not a walk in the park. Being passionate alone is not enough. One has to put in the work. I had to sacrifice my social life for me to make it without failing any subject, it was very demanding so I had to set my priorities right though I killed the social part of me which I am trying to build up now.

I really have no specific favourite aircraft but I am a private jet lover because I look forward to owning one and I am a Boeing fan because I did my on-job-training on Boeing aircraft…the Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767-200 ER Z-WPF was my 1st aircraft lover!

I am currently working for Falcon Air as their Aircraft Maintenance Coordinator, at Charles Prince Airport, Mt Hmapden, Zimbabwe.

What keeps me going is the desire to be the best version of myself and the fear of being average. I keep on competing with myself for improvement.

Mentors: Captain Chipo Matimba and Aircraft Engineer Josephine Mashavane.

Advice: Know exactly what you want to be, research more about it and be sure, know what you have to do to get there and do exactly that with all due diligence.

I love quite a number of quotes but my favourite Aviation one is: The Job is not done until the paperwork is done. It reminds me of the importance of accurate documentation in my industry.


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