Aviation & STEM Camps

ALA aims to encourage the advancement of Aviation & STEM careers amongst young people especially girls as well as raise honorable African leaders. How? By hosting week – long Aviation & STEM Camps to expose these youth to the various opportunities within Aviation and STEM fields.

Over the course of 4 days, learners go through the following;

Manned Aviation

Introduction to world of aviation, its history, the various careers that are available, educational requirements, scholarships available, mentorship organizations, and personal stories from industry professionals.

Unmanned Aviation

Introduction to Drone Education and how it is connected to STEM. Learners will also get a chance to learn how to fly a drone.

STEM Workshops

Workshops will show how Aviation and STEM are connected and the benefits of taking these subjects while in school and how they can benefit on a career level. Learners also get to fly a flight simulator.

Leadership Program

We Want To Create An Environment That Influences, Raises, And Strengthens Future African Leaders In Aviation And STEM.


Aviation companies and schools are invited to showcase their incredible works and inspire learners.

Learners will also have the opportunity to fly simulators, drones and participate in team-building exercises.

As we break down STEM using Aviation, the learners will see the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics thereby improving their academic performance when they return to school as they will now understand how these subjects will help them in achieving their goals.