Celebrating African Women in Aviation – CEO Swissport South Africa | Khangi Khoza

Khangi Khoza is passionate about promoting aviation as a career as there is so much to be done. She is also highly involved in skills development and career mapping initiatives for the industry and tries to model the many facets of aviation.

How did you get into aviation?

I studied economics at university and after working in banking ended up as the economic advisor to the Swiss Embassy. That was how I got introduced to Swissport. After a few years at the Embassy, I was asked to interview for the role of CEO, which I did.

I have always loved flying, and I find the airport to be a magical place. The various moving parts tell you a lot about a country’s economy, and so I guess it was fate.

Any challenges to getting where you are now?

Yes, it was a steep learning curve to understand the technical aspects of the industry. Long nights, early mornings and a steady belief in the fact that I could make a difference in making South Africa competitive on the global stage.

What keeps you going in a dominantly male field?

The realization that I have support, even if it does not always look like it but there are people rooting for me.

Daily routines to keep you going?

I am very structured. All my time is accounted for including relaxation. I try to exercise 6 days a week and love to read books as a way to rest my eyes from screens. Any role models/mentors? I have great mentors at Swissport luckily, my Swissport MEA CEO has been a great mentor and career coach.

Advice to younger individuals?

We all have 24 hours in a day, the difference between individuals is what they do with that time. Time is your currency.

CEO Swissport South Africa ~ Khangi Khoza


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