Celebrating Women in Aviation ~ Tintswalo’s Grace Ngcobo is a Fixed – Wing Commercial Pilot

How Did You Get Into Aviation?

On my first flight as a kid to Durban to visit my uncle, we were let into the cockpit by the pilots, and from that day onwards, I knew this was what I wanted to do. However, after high school, I decided to study for a BSc at a local university because I didn’t have the funds to start flying lessons, but I kept searching around and applying for it. Eventually, I got funding from a government fund that would allow me the opportunity to earn my wings and start flight school.

How did you find your training?

The training was a rollercoaster, some good days, some bad, but overall it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How did you get to your current role?

I landed my first job through a cadet program then moved to another job opportunity through an NGO that I used to volunteer for.

Any mentors/family support during your journey?

I headhunted and approached people in my industry who I felt could mentor me, family support was a huge part of my aviation career, but my mentors opened up opportunities for growth in the industry.

Life when not flying?

When not flying, I have other aspirations, I am a music lover – play piano and violin, founder of a cake company & also a mother of 2 boys.

Advice to someone in training?

My advice to someone in training is that the aviation industry isn’t always about flying for an airline. The industry is broad, and there are many other flying opportunities outside of the airline industry, be flexible.

Advice to someone thinking of starting an Aviation Career?

Aviation is an excellent career for those who love living life and exploring while growing.. it exposes you to a world that many never see.

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