“Your Dreams Are Valid” Says Zambian Pilot ~ Bellington C Mulenga

Aviation has always been my passion, and I got the rare privilege to enroll for flight training in 2018 at Madiba Bay School of Flight where I had an amazing time. Excellent flight training! It will take me 4 years, and I am still studying.

Honestly, it really is not the easiest Industry to get into, but speaking for my self, determination and having a crystal clear vision of where I wanted to be is what really made it possible for me. Above all, I’m a strong believer in God and couldn’t do anything without him.

To date, I have flown the Sling 2, Savanah micro light and currently flying a C172.

In my free time I love reading, watching movies, spending time with family and high key a fanatic of cooking!

And to anyone that would love to pursue a career in aviation; your dreams are very much valid. It will certainly not be easy, but the experience will be worthwhile. Take a chance and follow your heart!

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